Monday, December 18, 2006

Cost of living ~ Toronto

2006 Housing PricesThe average price of a detached house in Toronto is $365, 537

Source: Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Average Rent for Two-Bedroom Apartments in 2004$1,052 per month

Source: Canadian Housing Observer. 2005

Public Transportation

Ticket Monthly Pass
Regular $2.75 $99.75
Senior/Student $1.85 $83.75
Source: Toronto Transit Commission. 2006

2005 Average Car Insurance in Ontario$2,383.64 per year

Source: Car Test .ca

2004 Average expenditure per household

Concept Annual Amount
Food $7,632
Shelter $16,589
Household Operation $3,503
Personal Income Taxes $17,272
Source: Statistics Canada. 2004.

2006 Minimum Wage$7.75 per hour

Consumption TaxesIn Toronto

Two different taxes are applied to products and services. The federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) is 6%, while the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) is set at 8% and applies to the selling price including the GST. Some items including groceries, restaurant meals, and books are PST exempt.

2006 Federal Income Tax

Net Income Tax
Basic Personal Amount 0%
Up to $36,378 15.25%
Up to $72,756 22%
Up to $118,285 26%
Over $118,285 29%
Source: Canada Revenue Agency. 2006

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