Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Obtaining A Student Visa

There are more than 85 universities in Canada which provide high level of education to students coming from around the world. Canada has some of the finest private English schools from grade 1-12 for local as well as international students. The Canadian government spends 9.5 % of their GDP in the education system. Many Canadian education institutions are funded by the government and therefore they have some of the best facilities.

Basic process for obtaining student authorization is as follows:

  1. Foreign students must apply to a Canadian education institute and obtain admission in such an institute. This institute must be certified by the immigration authority for the issuance of the student authorization / visa. This is generally mentioned in the prospectus of the school. If is not mentioned students must ask the institute directly whether admission in that particular institute will qualify him / her for student authorization.

  2. Once the admission is secured, the student is required to make application to the Canadian immigration office for student authorization and visa.

  3. The student can make this application while in Canada or outside of Canada.

There are also many student exchange programs, student working visa programs and such other programs for students of certain countries.

Our kit will also include, apart from our regular forms and instructions, a list of Canadian educational institutions and a list of special student exchange and student working visa programs.

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